FY20: One unbelievable year

Monumental shifts. Unprecedented transformation. Big impact.

Core Programs

Inspiring and connecting more than 3,500 individuals from high school through retirement across 12 civic engagement and leadership programs.

Signature Events

Empowering people with great ideas to do great things in our community and inspiring and teaching leaders to be creative innovators and disrupters.

2020 Innovations

Adapting and responding to meet the needs of our community to help leaders lead through and beyond the pandemic and to address racial injustice.

Impact & Outcomes

Seeking to understand and increase the positive impact our programming has on participants and helping them create change in our community.

CLC Leading the Way

Exhibiting strong leadership within the national leadership sector, as well as in our Greater Cleveland community both organizationally and personally.

Financials & Donors

Stewarding our resources carefully for the greatest impact and expressing our gratitude for all those who support us and our programs.

Our Mission

To build a continuum of civic leaders committed to our community’s excellence by serving as a catalyst for civic engagement.


PO Box 23613
Cleveland, OH 44023